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USAdvisors Network (USAN) specializes in assisting financial institutions in finding and creating new and consistent sources of fee income. It is one of the largest branches of independent broker/dealer Securities America, and has served scores of financial institutions over the past 20 years.  USAN, with the support of Securities America, is committed to helping financial institutions create and grow investment services centers that offer financial planning to the institutions’ clients. USAN provides benchmarking, hands-on business planning, management, sales training, compliance, and recruitment services for investment services programs.

USAN offers consulting in the following areas:

  • Benchmarking and Scoring
  • Additional Fee Income Analysis
  • Business Planning (SWOT analysis and Project Planning)
  • Performance Management Review and Training
  • Relationship Driven Sales Integration and Training
  • Targeted Marketing Opportunity Identification and Training

By providing advisors and financial institutions with innovative development tools, strategies, tactics, and finely honed systems, USAN often doubles fee-income within three years. Over the course of its 20 year history, USAN has built relationships based on trust, respect and proven results in growing new markets and business.

To learn more about USAdvisors Network, visit www.usadvisorsnetwork.com.

Securities America, Inc., is a premier broker/dealer with 25 years of experience providing back office support and leading-edge technology to over 1,900 registered representatives nationwide. Securities America Advisors, Inc. is an SEC-Registered Investment Advisory firm with more than $14 billion in assets under management and administration that offers investment management, financial advice and financial planning through financial advisors. With a focus on helping advisors grow their business, Securities America’s mission has been to foster the success of financial professionals so they can provide quality, objective counsel and services to their clients. 

Through USAN and other companies that work directly with financial institutions, Securities America enables financial institutions to implement turnkey marketing programs, capitalize on their reputation within the community and maintain their branding approach, while increasing the value proposition and variety of products that they provide to clients. For more information about Securities America, visit www.securitiesamerica.com.

For more information about Securities America, visit www.securitiesamerica.com.