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If your bank has an in-house, retail investment program, you are probably evaluating it on a regular basis. This helps you ensure that you are offering your customers the best products and services, while doing it as profitably as possible and meeting all of your objectives.

But how are you establishing those objectives? If you are simply looking at results of the current year versus the prior year, you may be missing some important considerations.

Want to see how your program stacks up in terms of industry best practices? Take the survey and learn where you can make adjustments that will take your program to a new level.

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If you don’t yet have an investment program, do you realize that 35-40 percent of your customers are investing their money elsewhere. You may be missing out on a revenue stream that could have a tremendous impact on your bottom line. If you’re experiencing any reduction in deposits, it’s likely that at least some of that money is going into investments somewhere - why not ensure that the money stays within your family of services.